Our bespoke fitted kitchens are designed around you and your lifestyle.

Bespoke fitted kitchens

Whether you’re looking for handmade furniture for a small kitchen or cabinets in a particular wood to match your existing features, we can design bespoke solutions that reflect your vision. Our handmade kitchen furniture is available in a range of woods and materials to suit any taste. If it’s a traditional look you want, we can handcraft your units from stunning FSC approved hardwoods such as oak or maple. We don’t shy away from modern designs either, we can use painted wood for something more contemporary- as we did recently when we were commissioned to hand paint rose-pink units to complement a black textured granite worktop and sleek chrome handles. We understand that everyone’s home is different and that the fitted kitchens available at most high street stores won’t be suitable for all spaces. This is why we pride ourselves on the solutions we provide. Do you have a sloping ceiling that makes fitting kitchen units a nightmare? Do you live in an old farmhouse that doesn’t allow for conventional wall-storage methods?

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Are you in a small apartment where you need to maximise on space? Speak to us- we specialise in handmade bespoke kitchen furniture, so we guarantee we’ll have the answers you need at an affordable price. Here at Lomax Interiors, we believe in meticulous attention to detail, and in the past, our team members have even met with clients to plan exactly where each of their utensils would be stored in their new bespoke fitted kitchen. This way, we could design units in exactly the right size and even work out the best place to install them to ensure that the work surfaces and storage cupboards were organised within easy, logical distance of one another.

We’ll collaborate closely with you throughout your project to create an utterly stunning, customised kitchen for you and your family. We’ll take into account every aspect of your lifestyle if you want us to – if you’re right or left-handed, tall or short – and we’ll design your bespoke fitted kitchen around it so that it becomes the perfect space for you. It’s your home, after all.

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