Three ways to use recycled wood that you probably hadn’t thought of…

Remodeling and Home Design

Lomax Interiors furnish the Dockyard Bar
The team at Lomax Interiors used reclaimed scaffolding planks to create an industrial, rustic look in the Dockyard Bar, Media City

If you’re keen to keep up to date with the latest interior design trends in your home, you might want to consider making use of some reclaimed wood in your decor. Gone are the days when recycling just meant sorting your papers from your plastics, now you can use old wood in your home to create unique and interesting features, whilst knowing that your efforts are sustainable and eco-friendly.

It’s not just the benefits to the environment either, recycled wood is mostly inexpensive, and isn’t all that difficult to come by. Plus, it fits in well with the rustic look that is on trend at the moment, emanating the Scandinavian log cabin look: authentic, natural and earthy.

You can use wood from old, unused furniture if you have any. Or alternatively keep your eye out for discarded materials on construction sites or farms, at antiques fairs or in the local paper.
It can take time to source the wood you need, so patience is key, but once completed the look will be unique and well worth the wait. Plus, natural wood is hard wearing and will only get better as it ages- no need to worry about replacing it a few years down the line! If you’re tempted to try this out, read on to see how you can use recycled wood and create unique features for your home.

One of a kind furniture pieces

Get creative and design a unique furniture item that can utilise reclaimed wood as well as being custom designed for your needs. From bookcases to shelving units and dining tables- the possibilities are endless.

Remember, reclaimed wood pieces can look really striking and the items you create don’t have to be perfect. The worn effect of the wood and imperfections in the build will only add to its character and unique look.

Collect wood in similar shades and finishes to create a uniform piece of furniture, or use wooden planks in different shades and textures to create a distinctive patchwork effect.

Bespoke bedroom décor

Create a unique headboard from planks of recycled wood. Cut planks horizontally to the same width as the bed and take them as high up the wall as you like. You could even create a canopy effect by taking the wood all the way up the wall and onto the ceiling above the bed.

Don’t forget to treat the wood with a varnish or sealing treatment and lightly sand it down to finish the look.

Use mixed woods for a unique effect

Wooden flooring is quite a common feature in most homes these days, but using mismatched planks in different shades and textures can create a stunning patchwork effect which will become the real focal point in any room.

Be aware that wood can absorb light though, so in any room where you’re making wood a feature be sure the rest of the room is bright and well lit.

What to watch out for

Look for interesting and unique characteristics when sourcing your wood, such as authentic patterns in the grain and knots or bumps in the texture. But avoid any wood that has been affected by rot or woodworm in the past as this can weaken the material and detract from its overall quality and finish.

You probably won’t need to treat or clean the wood before use, but if you do you, be careful not to damage its surface. Sand it very lightly or use wire wool to clean it up without causing too much harm to the finish. Keep in mind that although reclaimed wood may seem cheap, there is often extra work to be done in treating it or removing previous components like hinges or handles.

If you have an idea in mind for utilising reclaimed wood but you don’t want to undertake the task yourself, you could always consult a professional. Here at Lomax Interiors, we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and help you to design and manufacture your perfect piece of reclaimed wooden furniture.