Taking first impressions to a new height: Bespoke staircases

Remodeling and Home Design

They say you only get seven seconds to make a good first impression. After that, a person’s mind is made up. While it’s a mantra usually said about people, we sometimes think it’s something that stands for your home too.

We were recently approached by a style-conscious client who didn’t want to leave anything to chance when it came to welcoming visitors to their home. With beautiful furnishings and a fashionable space to boast about, they wanted a hallway that acted as the introduction the residence deserved – functional, but subtle enough in its design to give the wow factor.

light black mahogony wood stair case design

The space was an unusual one – with a large hallway and four flights of stairs to consider – making it vital that the style was seamless throughout. The home had a modern feel to it, and the Lomax team decided mahogany would be the best material for the purpose – strong, stylish and able to make the most of subtle final flourishes. To bring warmth to the build we used a light black stain on the wood, which reflected the light from the large windows and fitted lighting that ran alongside it – creating a delicate silver sheen, rather than a light-consuming construction.

staircase design panel storage idea

four flights staircase design

Like us, our client was all about the subtle touches. To make the spindles and newel posts look longer, we incorporated a small detail to the centre of each – giving that luxurious and personal finish. One of the most rewarding parts of the build was a statement bullnose step at the bottom of the staircase, which we finished with a three-quarter volute detail to the handrail – a beautifully delicate touch that makes the space more inviting and draws the eyes to the build. We especially liked the quirky fusion of modern and traditional design creating for a really stunning final effect.

staircase three quarter volute detail design idea

There’s no point in having a stylish room if it’s littered with clutter, however. Our client wanted to incorporate storage into the design, without ruining the overall effect. For this, we created hidden cupboard for coats with painted panels that matched the walls and black mahogany inlay detail for a subtle continuation of the staircase. Handles would have broken the illusion, so all doors were made to be push open – a careful touch for the most flawless finish.

under stair storage space design idea

High staircase design style idea

As we all know, however, a good first impression is useless if the rest of the experience doesn’t match. Ever the thoughtful host, our client was so delighted with the results, they’ve asked us back to design a bar and entertainment area for them – because while first impressions are crucial, it’s one they leave with that really counts.

Staircase design mahogany

Interested in making your own positive impression? Check out our gallery for inspiration, or talk to us with your specific requirements. With over 25 years’ experience in bespoke furniture and builds, we understand that the only impression that really matters is yours. We’re here to help your home feel that little bit more ‘you’ – whatever that might be.