Project Update: Ashton Sixth Form College Reception Desk

Remodeling and Home Design

Last year, we started working on a very exciting project which was designed to transform Ashton Sixth Form College’s reception area into an accessible, highly impressive space.

We’ve been reporting on progress throughout the design and build of the new annexed reception and we’re now thrilled to be able to show you the finished, student-ready result!

The new building was designed by GA Studio Architects and addressed a brief to create a contemporary, show-stopping entrance area which would allow the college to compete with modern universities.

Originally offering A Level courses, practical courses and BTEC National Diplomas, the college now provides university level courses in conjunction with a number of local universities. The new reception, along with the college’s fantastic reputation, goes some way to positioning the college as a modern higher education provider. It’s certainly different to the old grammar school that many of us remember!

Ashton Sixth Form College Reception Area - designed by GA Studio Architects & Lomax Interiors

Unrecognisable, the new reception is a stark yet beautiful contrast against the old brick building. If you look carefully, you can see the old ‘girls’ entrance to the right of the annex.

Ashton Sixth Form College reception interior

Clean and modern, the new space is defined by angular lines.

The reception building is designed to allow light in through ‘fin’ like windows. As you can see, this creates an airy, intriguing space with light entry from all angles. LED strip lighting was additionally utilised to offer a stylish, energy efficient artificial light source.

As you can see from the above, we incorporated bright, white, low-level LED lighting within the reception counter to match the recessed areas in the ceiling.

Hi-Mac reception design by Lomax Interiors

 Using contemporary man-made materials to create a stunning effect.

The reception desk was crafted from LG Hi-Macs, a material which is comprised of natural minerals and pigments (75%) set in an acrylic mix. It is hardwearing, versatile and lends itself well to bespoke designs. The material is also resistant to UV light, making it a wonderful choice in a building which is so full of natural light.

As with most of our projects, the desk was designed and manufactured in our own studio before being transferred to the premises for installation.

ASF College reception desk by Lomax Interiors

It was important that the desk would suit all students whilst also offering a private area where staff could work. By creating a multi-height desk, disabled students can talk to staff without the constraints of a bulky, restrictive structure.

We’re very proud to have been a part of the new entrance design and add yet another Hi-Macs reception desk to our portfolio. Please visit our reception desk design portfolio to learn more about our contemporary projects.