Making a spare bedroom more than oak-kay…

Remodeling and Home Design

How do you use your spare space? Is it a dumping ground for the ghosts of Christmas gifts past? Somewhere to situate old furniture that’s not quite ready for the scrap heap? Or an unwanted place to put (sometimes unwanted) guests?

A survey conducted last year by Boxman found that the average home has roughly 16.58 square meters of non-utilised space. While this might seem standard, it’s somewhat frightening when you consider how much money is being thrown away. Taking the average house price as £177,299 and the average house size as 96.8 meters, we’re wasting £30,374.56 of ground (£1,832 per square metre) in each and every one of our humble abodes. So that’s where we’re hiding that deposit for a second mortgage…

Having seen a feature on our very own website back in May, we were approached by a lovely client who wanted to break the mould and make the most of their spare bedroom. With a stunning oak sleigh bed already taking pride of place in the master bedroom, our job was to create matching storage units in both the client’s room and their guest sleeping area.


Clearly a household after our own heart, the client’s number one wish was to have absolutely everything visible made of solid oak – gifting the Lomax Interiors team with a delightful bespoke project using one of our favourite types of wood. Considering a uniform feel across the two rooms and making the space feel as large as possible, we opted for an Eastern-European oak which has a warm and classic tone without eating up precious space – contemporary yet timeless, traditional yet fresh – the units helped open up both rooms to stunning effect.


To continue the traditional feel, all drawers in the rooms used dovetail joints, for a finish as smooth and strong as the wood itself. Ever the perfectionists (like our wonderful client) we ensured every aspect of the furniture was solid FSC certified oak; from the doors themselves to plinths, cornices, work tops and end panels. Another long-lasting, durable and stylish result showing the true versatility and effect of oak.


So was the client happy? Extremely! We’re thrilled to continue our work with the lovely household by designing a solid oak tv unit and bathroom cabinet. We’re more than oak-kay with that…

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