Maintaining Oxford University tradition with the creation of a new learning space

Remodeling and Home Design

Welcome to one of our latest projects, a particularly exciting commission steeped in history and tradition… yet brought to life in 2014!

This project was a ‘replica-style’ installation which was designed to act as a grand yet accessible library/learning space. The project was born in order to create the grandeur of the ancient university, whilst making the new learning space accessible for students outside of Oxford.

Oxford library project

With many Aston students using the Oxford University study facilities, it was felt that a slightly more modern library space would make for an ideal learning area before exposing the students to the main Oxford libraries.

Using traditional hardwood panelling and shelving which captured the ornate detailing and history of the main Oxford University libraries, the new learning space creates an ideal ‘transition’ space between the modern libraries in new universities and the more classical libraries in older institutions.

Oxford library presentation area

Modern touches were paramount, but in order to maintain the traditional feel of the room, sliding shutters were installed to discreetly hide the presentation screen.

Oxford library shutters

You can also see examples of discreet storage solutions for domestic settings in our home interiors portfolio.

The Don's study

The Don’s room maintains the traditional feel of the learning space with grand wood panelling, brass fixtures and hard wood bordering.

With a strict budget in place, the design had to reflect the magnitude of a traditional Oxford library on a modest scale. Using ‘feature’ panelling and shelving, this effect was achieved without an extensive overhaul of the entire space.