Mahogany wardrobes – warm, richly coloured and always classic

Remodeling and Home Design

Mahogany is one of the most opulent and valuable woods available. It is usually almost completely devoid of flaws (even stunning oak specimens will have blemishes), incredibly strong and wonderful to work with.

This stunning fitted wardrobe design was created for a home in Bamford, Rochdale, with a view to matching the existing internal doors in the house. In this instance, the frame was crafted from solid mahogany while the centre panels were made from veneered mahogany. As you can see, this veneering allowed a rich variety of patterns and grains, something which wouldn’t be as prevalent in solid mahogany as it naturally has a very even grain pattern.

Of course, it is also possible to create seamless furniture with mahogany (the tree is large enough to produce boards), and it all depends on the individual home owner’s preference.


Beautiful solid oak and veneered mahogany wardrobes


Mahogany is often thought of as a reddish brown – a little like the glossy coating on a chestnut, but in reality the wood changes with age and can be classed as anything from pink tinged to chocolate in colour. For many clients who opt for bespoke mahogany furniture, the subtle changes in colour are a great source of enjoyment – especially in a room which would benefit from that timeless feel (for example panelled studies or period properties).

As with all of our projects it was a pleasure working with the clients and bringing their vision for their home to life. As you can see in this instance, the darker wood has been beautifully complemented by cream carpets, cream walls and subtle pops of glossy red.

It’s a great example of how a richly coloured wood successfully warms a room as opposed to boxing it in.