Introducing a wonderful new kitchen design with bespoke storage

Remodeling and Home Design

One of the primary considerations all home owners have when commissioning a new space is smarter storage.

This means that the designer often has to be creative in order to devise a solution which perfectly reflects the home owner’s lifestyle. From hidden larders to walk-in wardrobes and en-suites you wouldn’t know existed, there’s so many clever hidden spaces you can create in your home with just a little imagination.

One of our most recent projects was designed to complement the client’s large yet slender kitchen and offer handy storage solutions for cooking utensils and household products.

This particular kitchen was created for a beautiful home in Worsley and was crafted from American ash and painted to match the client’s décor choice. Using a paler wood was ideal for this space as lighter colours and off-whites effectively open up a narrower room. Curved feature draws and end panels further break up the room and ensure that this kitchen doesn’t look like a galley-style area.

Curved American ash units with granite worktops

Making a space appear and feel more expansive often goes beyond décor and ground level furniture. For this design a featured coffered perimeter ceiling was created to give the illusion of more space by adding height to the ceiling area directly above the floor space.

A perimeter ceiling also makes lighting installations simpler and can act as a very effective sound barrier in older homes or apartments. In this instance, spotlights illuminate the entire space and avoid creating any dark corners. Again, this opens up a narrower space very effectively.

Integrated appliances and handle-less design

Curved American ash units

All appliances are integrated and doors and draws feature a handle less design. This keeps the space clean and minimalist. The client’s use of a large feature clock on the back wall is also a wonderful way to enhance this long room. By drawing attention to a bold piece, the eye has something to focus on and the room subsequently appears wider.

The counters, splashback and draining board were crafted from a beautiful grey/blue granite and were cut to fit the curve of the units. In this instance, using a natural granite is ideal for making the most of a long work surface as the natural variations in colour add interest and stop the counters looking too narrow. For clients who wish for a uniform surface which has the same effect as granite (without the variations) we would recommend using a composite stone which is engineered to specification.

Kitchen storage to meet client's brief

Storage created to suit client's needs

The client had specific requests when it came to their storage solutions and each drawer was designed with this in mind. From simple ways to segregate cooking equipment to entire larders with integrated microwaves and power sockets, a bespoke kitchen allows you to steer the design to meet your requirements.

If you would like any more advice about creating your perfect kitchen, please get in touch and tell us all about your vision. For design inspiration and material advice, please visit our domestic portfolio to view a full range of modern and traditional projects.