Creating a productive working space with the ultimate home office

Remodeling and Home Design

From oak panelled studies to contemporary home offices, a dedicated work space is the best way to keep your home your refuge. Although it can be tempting to pull out your laptop and folders while sat at the kitchen table, or, worse still while you’re reclined on the sofa, an office to call your own allows you to segregate your work and relaxation spaces within your home.

For many clients, a home office needs to be more than just a personal working space too. When much of your business affairs are carried out at home, an area which is welcoming to your colleagues, business partners and potential clients is essential.

One of our latest projects involved designing the furniture for a large home work space which could potentially accommodate two or more people. Like most of our study designs, the clients wanted a solid wood which would complement the style of the room.


Maple home office furniture with desk and matching storage.


The desk and draws were crafted from beautiful figured maple, giving the space a contemporary look over more ‘traditional’ darker woods, such as walnut and mahogany which are often used in panelled studies. By making the desk flush with the wall, the space appears larger and more minimalist. From a practical perspective, this gives the client more space to work with and allows them to discreetly conceal wires via inlets on the desk.


Maple office desk


A roll edge top gives fluidity to the desk and avoids any harsh edges.


Maple curved edge desk

Matching maple cabinet with glass shelving


The client wanted to maximise storage with a matching unit with thin yet strong (10mm) glass shelving. As demonstrated by the image, furniture in a paler wood can still look stunning when the internal doors are crafted from a darker wood.

Clients with children (both school age and degree level!) can also benefit from a multi-purpose learning/office space as it gives them an area where they can focus on their work without the distractions they come to associate with their bedrooms or family rooms (such as games consoles).

A little like being in a classroom or school library, a family work space allows them to buckle down and get into work mode as opposed to scribbling down homework whilst keeping one eye on the television!

Creating a space which serves the whole family is entirely possible with just a little imagination. Please speak to us and tell us about your requirements for your space. Whether it’s for carrying out some of your biggest projects or just creating a peaceful working area, we can suggest solutions to suit all spaces – from snugs to large libraries.