Creating a contemporary reception for one of the North West’s leading sixth forms

Remodeling and Home Design
College reception exterior

Merging the modern reception with the original building.

The merging of old and new often makes for particularly exciting projects and the new reception area for this grand North West sixth form is no exception.

The college was originally a grammar school, with, believe it or not, separate entrances for the girls and the boys – a segregation which is hard to imagine in most modern day schools. Yet this was completely normal for the students who attended between 1928 and 1980, many of which have shared their school-day stories on numerous blogs and forums.

Look just to the right of the new entrance and you will see the old girls’ entrance carved in stone above the main doors. The contrast between the original building and the 2014 structure makes this a particularly unique project to work on – some of you may even have fond and vivid memories of the place in question.

Becoming an independent sixth form in 1993, the college now places a strong emphasis on its cultural heritage, while also aiming to cement its reputation as a forward-thinking, leading educational institution.

The creation of a brand new reception space achieves this balance between well-established and modern and required a professional, bespoke reception desk in keeping with the striking new entrance.

With the addition of degree courses, postgraduate certificates and diplomas, it is important that the college can compete with the impressive facilities offered by local universities. The addition of a fresh new reception area further addresses this need.

College reception desk

After constructing the desk in our workshop, it was moved to site.

The team at Lomax created the reception desk in our very own studio before transferring it to the site to be fitted. The desk uses clean lines to create a functional and welcoming area that allows college staff to deal with multiple enquiries at any one time. With varying heights, the new reception area is wheelchair friendly too – a factor the college is keen to promote through its equal opportunities policy.

The project is currently ongoing and we look forward to sharing further images once this exciting new space is complete.