Bespoke Furniture Commissions

What makes your business unique? Whatever your requirements, we’ll work closely with you to design bespoke furniture commissions that add timeless style and functionality to your premises.

Our previous commercial bespoke furniture commissions have involved devising creative solutions for global companies, local educational establishments, and retail outlets. If you’re looking for something entirely designed around your needs, we can draft plans which will exceed your expectations.

From FSC certified hardwood to man-made materials, all of our designs are crafted in our workshop before being transported to your premises for installation. This reduces disruption to your business and allows us to take complete control over the fitting process.

Furniture Commissions Project insight:
The project displayed is a hidden media centre which reflects the collegiate style and grandeur of this respected North West sixth form college.

In keeping with the existing features, it was determined that an oak panelled media centre would allow the college to keep up to date with modern learning methods without blatantly advertising the interactive learning screen. Aside from housing the display, the college additionally requested ample storage space to be built into the centre.

The brief required us to take inspiration from the style found in Oxbridge University libraries. With the aim of helping promising students become accustomed to this type of learning environment, we designed and installed a stunning panelled centre which would replicate the heritage and design of those found in Oxbridge colleges.

Aside from the media centre, we have additionally crafted freestanding office furniture for many of the college’s senior staff. This involved bespoke storage solutions and a catering station designed to house a small fridge and microwave.

After creating more traditional designs for the old college building, we had the privilege of then creating a highly contemporary reception design for the college’s new annex.

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