Caring for your wooden furniture

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Here at Lomax Interiors, we pride ourselves on the bespoke, high-quality hardwood furniture we handcraft in our workshop. The great thing about wooden furniture is its hard wearing qualities and, if cared for properly, once you’ve invested in the perfect furniture to complement your dream home it can last for years to come.

Since we’re often asked by our customers how they can keep their new bespoke furniture looking as glossy and rich as when it was first installed, we thought we’d share our top tips on wood care so that you can benefit from expert advice and keep your hardwood looking as rich and glossy as the day it was first installed.

Don’t dust

Or at least, don’t dust too much. The great thing about wooden furniture is that less really is more. You don’t need to spend too much time polishing because this can actually be detrimental to the finish of the furniture.

Often, the biggest bugbear with wooden units is the way they seem to attract dust. No matter how much you wipe the surfaces, dust settles quickly, and just when you think you’re done cleaning you’ll spot another light layer forming on your surfaces.

If you want to get rid of dust more permanently, take a damp cloth (make sure you’ve wrung it out until it’s almost dry) and wipe over the surface, following after with a dry cloth or soft towel to remove any excess water. Water is a major contributor to wood damage, and can cause bubbles and cracks in the surface over time, so don’t be tempted to rely on this method too much- but it’s a good way to blitz dust and keep your surfaces cleaner for longer.

Other products that are good for removing dust include the classic feather duster- ostrich feather is ideal on more fragile surfaces – or a lambs wool duster, as dust sticks to the lanolin contained in these. Any cloth treated to retain dust and contain anti-static properties are great at keeping wooden surfaces dust free.

Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals

To keep your furniture as good as new for as long as possible, don’t use any harsh cleaning products- especially any containing silicon. Any products high in oil can leave smear marks on the surface and create a sticky filmy layer that attracts more dust. Stick to using wax based products to polish your furniture. Wax will provide a long lasting coat that protects the finish and stain of the wood and enhances its condition, restoring moisture and preventing scratches and marks.

Beeswax is a particularly effective product for use on hardwood, as it provides a strong, water resistant coating. It’s effectiveness in protecting surfaces from harmful moisture mean its ideal for use on the furniture that’s most likely to suffer from moisture or water damage- kitchen and bathroom furniture for example.

Apply beeswax by dusting the surface as usual, then apply a small amount of the beeswax treatment to your furniture using a soft lint-free cloth. Work it into the wood in the direction of the grain until the whole surface has been covered. Once you’ve done, leave the product to soak for half an hour (ensure there’s no excess product buildup) then if necessary add a second coat. Use a clean dry cloth afterwards to buff the surface and improve the finish.

Think about the placement

It’s not just the cleaning that’s important. There are other measures you can take to improve the longevity and condition of your wooden furniture. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and on hot summer days – where possible – close curtains or blinds in rooms where furniture could be damaged by direct glare from the sun.

Sunlight can be highly damaging to the colour and finish of hardwood furniture, and can bleach and dry it out beyond repair, so it’s important to take as many measures as you can to prevent this. Similarly, keep wooden furniture away from radiators and heaters, as direct heat can also have a damaging effect on wood.

Make sure you keep on top of the care of your wooden furniture, and you can make sure it retains its quality and good-condition for much longer. Look out for any warning signs that your wood isn’t in the best condition – such as cracking or discolouring – and prevent further damage early on by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Your reward will be the high-quality bespoke wooden furniture you’ve always dreamed of, which will continue to look stunning for years to come.