A UK premiere…for storage

Remodeling and Home Design

We all love a film or two, but storing a large collection of DVDs without infringing on precious, precious space is a difficult.

That’s exactly the problem one of our clients had, gifting the Lomax Interior team with an exciting project to make the entertainment fans’ living space the main show! Having tried countless different configurations to make their current storage solution work, with a centerpiece flat-screen TV and large collection of films and music, Lomax Interiors were asked if we could find a way to maximise storage in a way that could be hidden when the owners were doing the entertaining rather than being entertained.

Before: the clients' living space felt cluttered and didn't express their style

The client’s main ask was to make the most of their wall space, and any viable designs needed to include space for DVDs, CDs, records and a twin-deck DJ unit as well as the trusty television. The contemporary styling of the room cried for a sleek, sophisticated design that matched the rest of the clients’ beautiful home, allowing us to get creative and show that woodwork isn’t just for the traditionally-minded.

After: With a slide of the doors, all storage is hidden.

Always fans of a premiere or two, we decided the client’s gorgeous home deserved a little bit of the star treatment itself and incorporated a triple door system; the first of its kind in the UK! With intricate pebble details on the front of the driftwood-effect doors, the fitted solution was as attractive shut as it was open, and blended with the clients’ carefully styled accessories.

And as for the storage it offered? We went for a blockbuster, incorporating several different sections to the unit. The areas allowed the client to organise their essentials and choose what they were looking at in just a slide of a door, with specific sections for each of their items. Each panel was crafted to allow the pebble design to work in any configuration, allowing the owners to change the feel of their room as and when they wanted.

Storage solution albumsClever Stylish Storage solutionstorage solution living room with tv

Combining colourful LED lighting, glass shelving and clever design (including extra space behind the TV), the result was an abundance of tidy, organised space, which took into account both immediate and future needs (there’s space for their collection to expand even more). Making full use of the height and width of a previously underutilised wall allowed us to create a unique storage solution that reflected the style of our wonderful clients, whichever configuration they had it in.

After: The TV could be made an attractive focal point

Introducing a focal point to the room in the TV and its surrounding shelves helped give the room meaning, acting as an attractive lure for the eyes. With the construction boasting a smooth-glide system and soft-closing mechanism on each and every one of the doors, the unit is long-lasting, practical and full of function – regardless of whether the wonderful hosts are entertaining or being entertained.

However, it’s not all play. Thrilled with their new design, we’re heading back to the gorgeous abode to build a work-station soon. Watch this space…if you can keep your eyes off the entertainment system, that is.

Got a question or interested in finding an innovative storage solution for your space? Get in touch to discuss your vision.