5 top tips for adding value to your home

Remodeling and Home Design

Everyone is trying to add value to their home. In an uncertain housing market, it can be a surefire way to make sure you make a profit on your purchase, but it can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming process. So, follow these five top tips to add significant value to your home.

1. Expand
The most obvious thing to do is expand. Adding a garage or building or an extra room or outhouse within your property, is an obvious and effective way to add significant value to your home.

2. Convert
A loft or basement conversion can be another good way to add value to your home. If you can’t expand your property. They add living and storage space, as well as an extra bedroom and can even include bathrooms.

3. Build
Building a conservatory is a great way to add space, style and value to your home – but you need to do it right. Too many conservatories look like unwanted add-ons and don’t match the rest of the house. Make sure yours is in-keeping with the style, layout and size of the rest of your home and you could be on to a winner. They can be expensive to build, but will add value upwards of that original outlay.

4. Decorate
Kitchens and bathrooms are two key areas of the modern household. Kitchens are becoming the central focus of our homes. We cook in them, eat in them and watch TV in them; so redecorating your kitchen can add a significant chunk to the value of your house. Likewise with the bathroom, a new suite and shower can add significant value over and above what they cost to install, and adds a fresh and professional feel to your home.

5. Give it a lick of paint
It may sound too good to be true, but a simple lick of paint can add value to your home. First appearances are paramount, and painting the outside of your house can do just that. No matter how wonderful it is on the inside, if the outside is shabby it can put people off buying and bring the value down. So, touch up your windows and give your front a fresh lick of paint, it really can be that easy!